If you are a website owner, a problem can always surface and it doesn’t necessarily need to be associated with the hosting service itself. For example, something can go wrong when you update an Internet app or some critical data can be edited or erased unintendedly. No matter what the essence of the problem might be, you will need to contact the respective client service team and ask them to restore a backup or to help you troubleshoot the problem that you’re experiencing. How promptly they’ll do that will determine the period of time that your websites will be unavailable. For given websites such as community sites or web stores, a repeated unavailability can often mean lost customers and cash. With that being said, it’s quite important for you to use the services of a hosting company that offers not only a good customer support service, but also a fast one.
One-Hour Response Guarantee in Hosting
Our guaranteed max reply time for any ticket that you open or any e-mail that you send is just one hour, even in case you contact us on weekends and legal holidays. Whatever the nature of your query or issue may be, we’ll lend a hand momentarily and will give you the necessary information to sort out any problem with your sites. The real reply time typically doesn’t exceed 15 to 20 minutes, which is why you can forget about waiting around for hours and hours on end to get a problem fixed or even worse – waiting all day only to get a response that more information is required whilst nothing’s resolved. We will assist you in a well-timed fashion solely because we realize just how costly time can be in the dynamic Internet space. The one-hour reply time guarantee is valid for any billing or technical query that you might have in regards to our Linux hosting.
One-Hour Response Guarantee in Semi-dedicated Hosting
Our help desk support staff representatives are available at all times and they will answer any ticket that you post through the web hosting Control Panel within maximum sixty minutes. The response time is guaranteed no matter if you have a general enquiry about your semi-dedicated server or you confront some difficulty and you will not have to wait even that long for most issues. Regardless of what the nature of the issue is or what time it is, we’ll be there to lend you a helping hand, as we are available 24-7-365 to deal with any technical, billing or general issue. If you get in touch with us about anything that’s within our power, we will solve it before we reply to you, so you will not have to wait for hours or days while the problem continues. In case there’s something that you have to do on your end, we’ll supply you with the necessary information – what possible solutions to try, what actions to take, etc.